When Gracelynn was almost 13, her uncle was blackmailed by a demon into casting dark magic, and that ended in the destruction of her small home village. She, along with a few other friends from her village fled to Nybor, which was the nearest town. Gracelynn spent the next six years there, and she slowly self-taught herself how to steal, and pickpocket, but she never got into any really big trouble for anything, until she was 18. Gracelynn was caught stealing from a very wealthy family that was passing through Nybor, and thrown in jail. About a week later, she escaped before going on trial.

She fled to Wartle, and hid there for a little bit. Once she was in the clear, she tried to find more valuable things to steal, because Nybor didn’t have many items of large value. She managed to snatch a few expensive things, although she promptly lost them while trying to escape the city after being caught, and chased to the very edges of Wartle.

Deciding to look somewhere else, not wanting to pass through the Mountains or Forests, or risk getting caught by going back through Nybor, she started heading for Magnimar. Although her original plan was to go to Magnimar, she ended up staying on a common stopping point for other people who were travelling in that direction, and stealing from them when they weren’t at their temporary camps or tents.

Eventually, she finally headed to Magnimar, and came across Killroy’s Valley. She intended to stay there for only a few days to restock on supplies, before continuing to Magnimar. Obviously, that isn’t what happened.



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