Luscena is a wizard and elf who lives in a castle in the forest with her sister and parents. Luna (Luscena’s nickname) had always been good with animals, especially cats. That’s why Luna ended up getting a familiar that was a cat. One day LUna went to take a walk int he foret. When she was on her way back home, she saw a little smoke. This didn’t bother her because she assumed it was smoke coming through the chimney in the kitchen. But when she got back home, she saw that her castle was on fire. She saw a swish of purple closthing from behind a tree, and then it was gone. She saw skeletons raiding her castle searching for survivors, or anyone who might have escaped. Her castle was nearly gone, as her castle was mostly made from wood (becuase their mining tools were horrible, so they could not get stone easily)

She saw some people about a yard from her castle. She realized it was her family. She questionned them. They said they saw a person in a purple cloak walk away from the scene as the fire began, and as the skeletons rose from the ground.

Over the next year a new castle was built. This castle was bigger and better. This time the castle was made out of stone. After the fire, Luna wanted to dedicate her life to helping people in the hopes that they would never go through what she did.

Luna got a familiar that was a black cat with gray paws and gray eyes. She named her familiar “Shadow.” She went to an enchanting school to learn how to use magic and cast spells. When her learning and training was complete, she went back home.

About a month later, LUna went into town to get some more seeds to grow crops. She headed into town. The journey had been three days long. But little did Luna know, this day, and this town, is where Luna’s adventure would really begin.



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